Airplenum (battery compartment cover) replacement S-XC-S00307


  1. Remove step trough panel - refer to S-XC-S00168
  2. Remove and slide aside trunk latch - refer to S-XC-S00088
  3. Remove trunk light switch -
  4. Unplug front temperature sensor (1) (see figure 1). - NiMH bikes only
  5. Unplug airplenum fans (2) (see figure 1) - NiMH bikes only

  6. Remove airplenum bolts (3)
  7. Lift rear part of the airplenum, push it up to remove.(4)


  1. Fit front part of airplenum
  2. Lift part of trunk to push in airplenum
  3. Install airplenum bolts (3)
  4. Connect airplenum fans (2) - NiMH only
  5. Connect front temperature sensor (1) - NiMH only

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