Battery Replacement NiMH S-ST-100000

Special Tools:

- battery holder - ST1201

- inrush current limiter -


  1. Remove airplenum - refer to S-XC-S00307
  2. Make sure ignition is turned OFF
  3. Cut battery connector fasteners (1) (see figure 1)
  4. Disconnect main battery connector (blue anderson) - (see figure 1)
  5. Remove Front Temperature Sensor board by pushing white pins inside the frame (3)

  6. Cut zip-tie holding Rear Temperature Sensors connector (1) (see figure 2)
  7. Disconnect Rear Temperature Sensors
  8. Pill out Rear Temperature Sensor board holder (3) from frame
  9. Remove rear pack lid (top cover)

  10. Disconnect negative battery cable (4)
  11. Disconnect positive battery cable (5)
  12. Put back rear pack lid (top cover)
  13. Using the battery holder - ST1201 or M6 nuts with ring remove rear pack

  14. Remove the round gasket (1) and push Front Temperature Sensor plug (2) through the hole in frame (see figure 3.)

  15. Using the battery holder - ST1201 or M6 nuts with ring slide the front pack in the middle of frame and remove it.

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It doesn't mention when and how to use the "inrush current limiter".  Pictures could be bigger.

Hi Steve!

You will need Inrush current limiter to connect again battery to scooter. For remove battery you don't need it.